East Hagbourne Primary School

A Bright Solution to a Practical Problem

The teaching staff at East Hagbourne Primary School were looking for a way to brighten up the playground and entrance to the school which whilst functional, did not reflect the fun the children have whilst learning and playing.

When visiting the site it was explained to us that the handrails alongside the path leading from the playground to the school were, despite being there for safety, creating a safety hazard themselves because the children couldn’t resist sitting and climbing on them and that’s were we had our idea….

Working with the school team we created a colourful and appealing design that filled in the gaps in the railings.  The finished result is something that it is practical, durable, great to look at and reflects the ethos of the school.

“The work your guys have done, together with your artistic input, is absolutely fab – thank you very much.  I have been in contact with your office today requesting further boards”

Linda Murdani – East Hagbourne Primary School

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