Police Rehabilitation Centre Timeline

Kevin Bishop, Marketing Manager for Flint House said: “We were looking to create and install a 9 metre Centennial Time Line display, utilising archive documents and pictures as far back as 1890. The vision of the display idea was clear in our minds but getting it ‘creatively translated’ and into a workable and logical format was where Kingdom Signs’ experience and expertise took over to give us a unique display that far exceeded all our expectations.”

The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House is a charity treating sick and injured, serving and retired police officers.

Kevin sketched out how he envisaged the timeline to look then worked with Dominic to agree the colour scheme and layout.  Whilst Dominic began creating the design for the finished timeline, the idea came up to incorporate TV screens, along with photographs and newspaper articles to chart the history of the house and the charity. What began as a sketch on paper has been transformed into a highly engaging display that is both informative, aesthetically pleasing, and has become the centrepiece of the centre.

Since the timeline has been installed Kevin has been delighted with the response from visitors and has discovered an additional benefit:


“Thanks to the creativity that Kingdom provided in the final assembly of this large exhibition display, we have the added bonus of being able to expand the display to accommodate future significant and/or historical events easily and cost effectively.

Since its installation it has attracted many compliments and inspired us to ask Kingdom Signs to undertake further creative display work in the adjacent area on the walls with canvases and fitted glass panels.”

We have since been involved in producing and installing printed canvases, etched glass coats of arms, as well as all of their wooden engraved internal signs.

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