Jack FM Black Mini to Pink Mini

Hamish Law, Promotions and Interactive Manager, at JACK fm was looking for a striking way for the station to promote a breast cancer awareness campaign. As the JACK FM radio cars are a well-known sight at local events, Hamish wanted to use a branded Mini as a key component in carrying their message.

The main challenge for Hamish was that the car in question was leased and it was black.

With permanent changes not an option, and the specification that the car had to be turned completely pink we used specialist removable vinyl and applied graphics that would be used throughout the life of the campaign.

Once the campaign was completed the Mini came back into our workshop where we removed the graphics and the pink wrap and returned the Mini to its standard black finish without a trace of the transformation it had been under.

“Kingdom Signs did a magnificent job – and so did the Mini.  It looked absolutely stunning and made a real impact as part of the campaign.  The fact that they were able to return it to a factory-finish after the campaign was really clever – I’m still not sure how they did it!”

Hamish Law, Promotions and Interactive Manager at Jack FM

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