Alere Toxicology sees the light

Alere Toxicology (previously Concetano), was going through a major re-branding exercise. After receiving a full design specification from Head Office, Jo Coles, Alere’s Senior Graphic Designer, called on Kingdom Signs for some advice on applying the new brand to Alere’s large Milton Park office.

Much of the signage was straightforward but she was struggling to find a way to incorporating the new logo into the building due to the large glass frontage.  She was concerned that any branding placed on the glass would compromise the amount of natural light that came into the offices – something that was of critical importance to the team.

We showed Jo how printed window Vision could work for Alere by installing a sample at ground level so staff could see the effect and be reassured that no matter what time of day, the amount of light entering the building would not be reduced.

Having been impressed with the sample, Jo and her team asked us to install a large printed Vision logo of 1.5m x 5m.  Such was the success and positive response that we were then asked to provide and install graphics for Alere’s Cardiff and Canary Wharf offices.


“I was really impressed with Kingdom Signs’ ability to understand not only our branding requirements but also their ideas when it came to using window Vision.  It wasn’t something we’d initially considered but it really is a striking addition to our offices and something that is often remarked upon.  They delivered over and above compared to other sign writing companies.”

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