Windows that allow Vision

Need to use your windows for advertising and promotions or for privacy but don’t want to reduce the light coming in? – You need windows with vision!

If you don't want to lose much light or visibility from your windows but still want them to work more effectively then you need to think a little differently.

There are a number of alternatives that offer varying degrees of privacy and advertising while still giving you the benefits a window should provide.

Window Vision: is fitted externally and is visible as white (or printed) from the outside but transparent when looking from the inside out

Thanks to tiny perforations, Vision window vinyl enables you to have text and images visible on the outside (see pictures above) while allowing full visibility for you from the inside-out. Often used for the rear windows of vans and shop fronts, Vision window print let maximum light into your building or vehicle.

Versatile enough to display information, messages, images and logos, safe enough to be used in vehicle rear windows and easily removable, they won’t damage your glass but they will get you noticed!

Transparent Prints: are graphics printed onto a clear vinyl which can be applied either internally or externally and enables colours to have a more opaque appearance and allow limited visibility both ways - an exceptionally subtle way to get your message across.

Mirror Window Tint: is a thin film that is applied to the interior of the glass and creates a "mirror effect" from outside. Ideally for secure offices and for residential homes where privacy is required. Mirror tint banishes the need for dusty blinds and net curtains and allows you to see out without others being able to see in.

Mirror Tint does result in a limited amount of light loss inside the building and only works if outside is brighter than inside (otherwise the effect is reversed) - if used in a residential home this does mean curtains need to be drawn after dark to maintain privacy.

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